Popcorn Chicken

popcorn 14

I recently received a 8″ chef knife from Tramontina and was really happy about it! Previously I’ve been using blunt knives and knives that have already been chipped, which made cutting food quite difficult. It is especially challenging to make food videos using a poor quality knife because it makes my knife skills look even … Read more

Chicken Rice Sushi

chicken rice 7

Chicken rice is arguably Singapore’s most iconic dish, and is a dish that is so widely available in Singapore that it can easily be taken for granted. There is actually so much effort involved in making a good plate of chicken rice. Not only should the chicken be juicy and succulent, the rice also needs … Read more

Ebi Mentai Sushi (Sushi Tei Style)

ebi mentai 1

Of all the Japanese restaurants, my family and I frequent Sushi Tei the most. The food quality is mostly great, the prices are not cheap but still reasonable, and there’s a wide variety of dishes (although we always order the same few things). One of my favourites as Sushi Tei is the Ebi Mentai Sushi … Read more

Creamy Corn Croquette

croquette 3 1 819x1024

My father really likes the corn croquette from Sushi Tei so I wanted to try making it for him. I thought of adding more flavours to the croquette so I added imitation crab meat as well. Unfortunately, the imitation crab meat I used didn’t taste very good, so do get a good brand of crab meat … Read more

Salted Egg Yolk Prawns

salted egg yolk prawn 2 819x1024

ly 3-4 years back and it’s still going surprisingly strong. Nowadays, you can pair salted egg yolk with almost anything, from savoury dishes to sweet desserts. One of my favourite salted egg yolk dishes has got to be Salted Egg Yolk Prawns 咸蛋虾球。I usually order this dish when having zi char but it’s not cheap … Read more

Korean Kimchi Pancake

kimchi pancake 1 1 768x1024

from my previous kimchi pork belly stir-fry and wanted to finish it before my dad throws away my kimchi again like before because he thought that it’s been sitting in the fridge for more than 2 weeks and nobody has touched it *laughs*. I’ve been wanting to try making kimchi pancake (김치전) for the longest time now so it … Read more

Laksa Spring Rolls

laksa spring roll 2 1 683x1024

Laksa spring rolls might sound like a weird combination but I recently had them at a restaurant and they were surprisingly good! It’s basically dry laksa in a crispy, golden spring roll wrapper. It’s a very straightforward dish and makes for a good snack. I used Dancing Chef’s laksa paste so I don’t have to … Read more

Pork Belly Char Siew

char siew 1 768x1024

ve eaten are the ones made from parts with considerable amount of fats, making them tender, juicy and succulent. The exterior has to be slightly charred and covered in the sweet caramelized sauce, while the interior has to be tender and melt-in-your-mouth. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making char siew, but my … Read more