Nonya Laksa

Nonya laksa, also known as laksa lemak, is a Peranakan dish consisting of noodles in a coconut-based curry gravy. And it is a dish I will gladly eat out anytime. In Singapore, you can easily find a decent bowl of laksa that sets you back no more than $5. With all the effort required to … Read more

Mee Jiang Kueh (Peanut Pancake)

pancake 4

Mee Jiang Kueh (or some call it Min Jiang Kueh) is a soft, fluffy pancake that usually has peanut filling sandwiched in between, but can also contain red bean paste or cream corn. It’s a popular snack that Singaporeans grew up eating, and is very easy to make on your own! I also love it … Read more

Easy Otak Otak (Nyonya Fish Cake)


Otak Otak (or otah) is a blend of fish paste and spice paste, traditionally wrapped in banana leaves, and grilled over a charcoal fire until a smoky aroma emanates. While there are different renditions of otak otak, it is considered to be of Malay and Peranakan origins. As I mentioned before, most Peranakan food are … Read more

Kueh Pie Tee

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It’s been 2 years since I’ve made kueh pie tee! It’s a very slight hassle to make since the ingredients have to be prepared separately but it’s a very straightforward recipe. Regardless of your cooking experience, it’s almost sure to turn out a success – that’s what I really like about making my kueh pie … Read more