The Ultimate Dumpling Sauce: Four Dumpling Sauce Recipes

Four Dumpling Sauce

Don’t make your dumplings lonely and pair it with delicious flavorful dipping sauce. The ultimate dipping sauce will change the overall dumpling experience, enhancing the taste and texture of your dumplings. In this guide, I share my top four dumpling sauce recipes that fit any palate, whether you like it sweet, savory, or spicy. What … Read more

35 Must-Try Congee Toppings

It may be a simple dish, but congee is the heartiest meal to have, whether it is a cold afternoon or a hot summer day. This comfort food is your go-to for a hot bowl of savory, fragrant rice that you can customize in many different ways by adding your choice of congee toppings. Turn a … Read more

Tofu with Minced Pork & Mushrooms

fried tofu

I think tofu (beancurd) is one of the few things that are good for health and taste really good. To me at least. One of my must-order dishes whenever I eat at zi char stalls (Chinese hawker stall) is deep fried tofu with minced pork. The tofu is always slightly crispy on the outside but … Read more