Tofu with Minced Pork & Mushrooms

fried tofu

I think tofu (beancurd) is one of the few things that are good for health and taste really good. To me at least. One of my must-order dishes whenever I eat at zi char stalls (Chinese hawker stall) is deep fried tofu with minced pork. The tofu is always slightly crispy on the outside but … Read more

Crispy Pork Belly (Burger)

Roast pork belly is one of the occasional treats that I would have whenever I go to Crystal Jade with my family. Occasional not because it adds inches to my hips, but because it burns a hole in my parents’ pockets. I absolutely love roast pork belly – juicy, melt-in-your-mouth fats sandwiched between crispy crackling … Read more

Easy Kimchi


I’ve liked Korean culture and food since the age of 14 but I was never fond of kimchi. The idea of uncooked, sour, fermented vegetables did not appeal to me. The only time you would see me eating kimchi is when I’m dining at Korean restaurants and I’m so hungry that I eat whatever is … Read more

Thai Shrimp Cakes

thai shrimp cakes 9

Edit: Oops, all my posts are filled with red recently. I think I love spicy food and chilli too much. Recently there was a Thai food fair held at the Thai Embassy and I remember feeling the pinch as I paid $4 for about 4-5 Thai fish cakes, although it did taste really good. Little … Read more

Radish Cake

radish cake 16

Radish cake is probably more commonly known as “carrot cake” in Singapore, although there’s no carrot in the dish. In Mandarin, radish is known as 白萝卜 (bai luo bo) where ‘白’ means white and carrot is known as 红萝卜 (hong luo bo) where ‘红’ means red/orange. Radish cake is therefore called 萝卜糕 (luo bo gao) in … Read more

Creamy Mushroom Soup

mushroom soup 11 1

It’s been a long time since I’ve made mushroom soup! Was craving it this morning and since I had some portobello mushrooms in my refrigerator, I decided to use them up. I didn’t have any homemade chicken stock on hand so I used Knorr’s concentrated chicken stock. I followed the same recipe as per my … Read more

Prawn Paste Chicken

prawn paste chicken 12

Fried chicken is such a ubiquitous dish that almost every cuisine has their own style of fried chicken. As for Singapore, it is indisputable that Prawn Paste Chicken (Har Cheong Gai) is the iconic Singapore-style fried chicken. As its name suggests, prawn paste chicken is essentially chicken marinated in prawn paste and thereafter, deep fried. … Read more

Claypot Brinjal with Minced Pork

claypot brinjal 14

Claypot brinjal with minced pork is my all-time favourite dish to order at Tze Char! Brinjal, if done well, should not be oily, but instead boast a creamy flesh that has absorbed all the delicious flavour of the sauce it has been braised in. Sometimes the beautiful purple hue of the brinjal skin can turn … Read more

Souffle Pancake

souffle pancakes 5

Jazz up your breakfast by switching plain, old pancakes to souffle pancakes! These souffle pancakes are soft, fluffy and will melt in your mouth. Alternatively, pair the pancakes with ice cream for a wonderful dessert. These pancakes are most commonly seen in Japanese fusion restaurants like Miam Miam and Hoshino Coffee. They do require some … Read more