Crispy Fried Wonton Strips Recipe

Wonton Strips2

Got some extra wonton wrappers needing to be put to use? Or are you looking for more interesting ways to use wonton wrappers without the typical filling? If yes, you should make super crunchy fried wonton strips that are deep-fried until crispy. No filling needed – just dip it in your favorite sauce for finger-licking … Read more

Strawberry Mochi With Red Bean Paste

Strawberry Mochi3

Strawberry mochi is a fruity take on traditional mochi filled with fresh strawberries layered with a creamy red bean paste. It is soft and chewy with a delightful sweet and sour taste. Make this mochi with three key ingredients: fresh strawberries, glutinous rice flour, and red bean paste. A Look At Strawberry Mochi With Red … Read more

Air-Fried Taro Chips Recipe

Taro Chips

If you loved my Salt And Pepper Chips or Taro Fries recipes, here’s another recipe to make for a crispy snack or side for a scrumptious meal. Instead of regular potatoes, you’ll enjoy light and crispy, thinly sliced taro chips. No need for deep-frying, just air-fry it for 15 minutes and toss it in spicy chili flakes … Read more

Crunchy And Sweet Snowflake Crisps Recipe

snowflake crisp2

No bake, just chill! Snowflake crisps (雪花酥) are the easiest winter snack to make for your next holiday gathering with friends and family. Make this crispy, sweet, nutty, and milky snack in three flavors: classic nut, strawberry matcha, and purple potato. What Are Snowflake Crisps? Snowflake crisps (雪花酥) are a popular crunchy treat in Taiwan … Read more

The Ultimate Dumpling Sauce: Four Dumpling Sauce Recipes

Four Dumpling Sauce

Don’t make your dumplings lonely and pair it with delicious flavorful dipping sauce. The ultimate dipping sauce will change the overall dumpling experience, enhancing the taste and texture of your dumplings. In this guide, I share my top four dumpling sauce recipes that fit any palate, whether you like it sweet, savory, or spicy. What … Read more