Souffle Pancake

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Jazz up your breakfast by switching plain, old pancakes to souffle pancakes! These souffle pancakes are soft, fluffy and will melt in your mouth. Alternatively, pair the pancakes with ice cream for a wonderful dessert. These pancakes are most commonly seen in Japanese fusion restaurants like Miam Miam and Hoshino Coffee. They do require some … Read more

Gyudon (Japanese Beef Bowl)


As a kid, I hated onions. The sharp and pungent taste of onions, especially when they are not well-cooked, was off-putting. I avoided onions at all cost until one day, I ate a beef bowl (gyudon) at Yoshinoya. That was when I realised that onions could taste so amazing and I became a convert immediately. … Read more

Ebi Mentai Sushi (Sushi Tei Style)

ebi mentai 1

Of all the Japanese restaurants, my family and I frequent Sushi Tei the most. The food quality is mostly great, the prices are not cheap but still reasonable, and there’s a wide variety of dishes (although we always order the same few things). One of my favourites as Sushi Tei is the Ebi Mentai Sushi … Read more

Oyakodon (Japanese Chicken and Egg Bowl)

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Oyakodon is a Japanese rice bowl dish where chicken meat and eggs are cooked in a sauce mixture consisting of soy sauce, sake, mirin, sugar and stock (dashi). Oyako means “parent and child”, referring to the use of both chicken and eggs in this dish. Oyakodon is a simple but comforting dish which I used to have quite often at Coronation … Read more

Creamy Corn Croquette

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My father really likes the corn croquette from Sushi Tei so I wanted to try making it for him. I thought of adding more flavours to the croquette so I added imitation crab meat as well. Unfortunately, the imitation crab meat I used didn’t taste very good, so do get a good brand of crab meat … Read more

“Kichi Kichi style” Japanese omurice

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i Kichi Japanese omurice, masterfully flipping his frypan and tossing the rice high up in the air, then catching it back in the pan. Since I haven’t had the chance to visit his restaurant in Japan, I wanted to try making the dish myself as it looks so tempting. But, I didn’t attempt to make the … Read more

Japanese Chashu

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Japanese ramen is probably the one dish I’m very willing to pay for when dining out because there’s so much work involved in making that one bowl of ramen. A good broth requires lots of time and the ajitsuke tamago (egg), although seemingly easy to make, requires precision. I never thought of making ramen from … Read more

Ajitsuke Tamago (Ramen Egg)

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Have you ever attempted making ramen eggs only to end up sorely disappointed? I sure have had my fair share of those moments. Either the eggs would start cracking the moment they hit the boiling water, or they would end up looking like a horrid mess (because egg sticks to the shell), or they would … Read more

Sardine Rice Balls Bento

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hobia”. The best way to get yourself to eat something you don’t like is to disguise the food, so I thought making Korean-style rice balls would be a great idea. I once tried Korean rice balls (주먹밥) that were made of rice, seaweed, tuna and kimchi and they tasted really good. Not a big fan … Read more