Hokkien Mee (Fried Prawn Noodles)

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Hokkien mee is one of Singapore’s favourite hawker dishes – it’s a fried noodle dish braised in sweet prawn stock and garnished with ingredients like prawns, pork belly and squid. A rich, flavourful stock is the key ingredient for a plate of good hokkien mee, as the broth imparts the most flavour to the noodles … Read more

Korean Fried Chicken


When it comes to fried chicken, KFC is second to none (in my opinion at least). No, not Kentucky Fried Chicken, but Korean fried chicken. I concur that while American-style fried chicken tastes good as well, I would choose Korean fried chicken over American fried chicken any day (okay, maybe we have to make an exception … Read more

Roasted Chicken Stock: A Complete Guide

Roasted Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is arguably the most versatile of all stocks, and is used in a wide range of cuisines, from Chinese to Western to Korean. Its mellow yet aromatic flavour allows it to be used in soups and sauces without overpowering the main ingredients. Chicken stock is something that most home cooks should have in … Read more

“Tori Q” Chicken Balls Yakitori

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If I had to name a cheap and good meal, it would most likely be a Tori Q bento. The sticks of juicy, succulent meat, coupled with fragrant seaweed-topped Japanese rice, doused in savoury teriyaki sauce, are more than enough to keep me satiated for hours. And the best part about it is that it … Read more

Prawn Sarong (Prawns Wrapped in Spaghetti)

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I’ve probably eat deep-fried prawns wrapped in vermicelli only once in my life, although I can’t recall where and when. It’s a dish that’s really tasty but hard to find here in Singapore. In Thailand, this dish is known as Goong Sarong whereby goong refers to prawn and sarong means wrapped around. While the original dish is done using vermicelli or … Read more

Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream (No Churn Method)

Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream

It’s been a while since I’ve made ice cream! Decided to try the no-churn method to compare the differences between ice cream made with an ice cream maker and without. And wow, I was blown away by how easy and fuss-free the no-churn method is! And the resultant ice cream tasted very decent, although I … Read more

Fudgy Brownies

Fudgy Brownies

My kind of brownies need to have a paper-thin, crinkly crust as well as a moist, fudgy interior. If the brownies lean towards cakey rather than fudgy, it’s a big no no for me. I actually tried making these three times in order to get the ratio of ingredients right, and finally found the perfect … Read more

Black Pepper Crab

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It’s been a long time since I’ve cooked crabs at home. I actually really like cooking crabs at home because firstly, I’m saving a lot of money cooking my own crabs as compared to dining out, and secondly, it’s actually quite therapeutic cleaning the crabs and prepping them for cooking. If you would like to … Read more

At-Sunrice Culinary Course Session 1

Note: This is not an advertorial or anything of the sort. I just wanted to share my experience because I thought it might help some of you decide whether you want to take up this culinary course! Ever since I heard of the government giving us $500 worth of SkillsFuture credit, I’ve been wanting to … Read more