Smiley Face Potato Fries Recipe

Smiley Face Potatoe Fries2

Are you craving for McCain® Smiles or looking for a fun way to serve mashed potatoes? Follow my smiley face fries recipe using 2 key ingredients: mashed potatoes and cornstarch. Season it with salt and pepper and serve it as an adorable snack for the kids or at parties! All About Smiley Face Fries If … Read more

Potato Cheese Pancakes Recipe (Soft And Melty)

Cheese Potato Pancakes

Are you running out of ideas on how to serve potatoes as a side dish? Here’s a mashed potato recipe with a cheesy fun twist. You only need 4 pantry-friendly ingredients: potatoes, cornstarch, sugar, and mozzarella cheese for a melty finish. What Are Cheese Potato Pancakes? You will love cheese potato pancakes for their crisp … Read more

Sichuan Wontons In Chili Oil (Spicy Chao Shou)

wonton in chili oil

It’s tingling, spicy, and garlicky – that’s what you get with a bowl of Sichuan wontons drenched in chili oil and spices. Experience Sichuan street food with this easy-to-follow recipe. Simply make the soup base, cook the wontons, and combine the soup and wontons. What Are Sichuan Wontons? Wontons (馄饨) are famous for their translucent … Read more