How To Store And Reheat A Bao Bun

Did you buy bao buns and now have leftovers? Or are you planning to cook bao buns in advance to eat later? Thankfully, it is easy to keep it fresh and delicious in a few simple ways. As a bun enthusiast, I enjoy making a variety of buns, including sugar bun, beef bao buns, pork … Read more

All-Natural Purple Sweet Potato Bun

Purple Sweet Potato Bun3

This soft and fluffy bun is made from natural ingredients. Get streaks of white and purple colors with freshly made dough using natural coloring without additives. Create this recipe with flour, yeast, sugar, purple sweet potato puree, and your chosen sweet filling. Purple sweet potato bun is an excellent addition to your breakfast meals and … Read more

35 Must-Try Congee Toppings

It may be a simple dish, but congee is the heartiest meal to have, whether it is a cold afternoon or a hot summer day. This comfort food is your go-to for a hot bowl of savory, fragrant rice that you can customize in many different ways by adding your choice of congee toppings. Turn a … Read more

Cantonese Steamed Egg Custard Buns (Nai Wong Bao)

Egg Custard Buns2

If you can‘t get enough of my other bun recipes, try my Cantonese egg custard bun or nai wong bao. This is a sweet, creamy, and luscious soft bun loaded with rich egg custard. Effortlessly make this classic dim sum food at home with my easy-to-follow recipe. Simply make the custard filling, form the dough, … Read more