Top 5 Water Chestnut Substitutes

Water chestnuts are highly nutritious and a flavor and texture enhancer. It is no surprise why this aquatic vegetable is popularly used in Chinese medicine and cuisine. As popular as it may be around the world, this ingredient may not be as common as others. Generally, you can find fresh water chestnuts in Asian supermarkets … Read more

The Ultimate Dumpling Sauce: Four Dumpling Sauce Recipes

Four Dumpling Sauce

Don’t make your dumplings lonely and pair it with delicious flavorful dipping sauce. The ultimate dipping sauce will change the overall dumpling experience, enhancing the taste and texture of your dumplings. In this guide, I share my top four dumpling sauce recipes that fit any palate, whether you like it sweet, savory, or spicy. What … Read more

Light & Fluffy Hong Kong Style Mango Pancakes

Mango Pancake2

Devour on a pillow of refreshing mangoes wrapped in soft and light whipped cream with Hong Kong style mango pancakes. It is the perfect light dessert with three things to indulge in: crepe-style pancakes, refreshing mangoes, and fluffy whipped cream. You only need simple ingredients, including eggs, sugar, milk, flour, light cream, and mangoes. What … Read more