Ingredients cost

A list of the costs of my commonly used ingredients for easy reference.

Ingredient Cost price  Brand Source Unit cost
Black pepper (ground)  $3.85 (100g) Fairprice NTUC  $0.266/tbsp (6.9g)
Butter $5.15 (250g) SCS NTUC $0.292/tbsp (14.18g)
Cayenne Pepper $4.80 (30g) MasterFoods NTUC $0.288/tsp (1.8g)
 Chinese Cooking Wine  $13.90 (500ml)  Plum Blossom  NTUC  $0.417/tbsp (15ml)
Cooking Oil $7.80 (1 litre) Knife NTUC $0.117/tbsp (15ml)
Cornstarch $0.85 (400g) Pagoda NTUC $0.021/tbsp (10g)
Dark Soya Sauce $3.60 (640ml) Tiger NTUC $0.084/tbsp (15ml)
Egg $6 (30 eggs) Market $0.20/egg (70g)
 Fish Sauce $1.60 (700ml) Tiparos NTUC $0.034/tbsp (15ml)
 Five Spice Powder $4.89 (30g) MasterFoods NTUC $1.125/tbsp (6.9g)
 Flour (all purpose) $2.50 (1kg) Prima NTUC $0.35/cup (140g)
 Flour (self raising)  $2.75 (1kg) Prima NTUC $0.385/cup (140g)
Garlic  $7 (1kg)  – Market $0.028/clove (4g)
Garlic Powder $4.60 (50g)  MasterFoods  NTUC $0.257 /tsp (2.8g)
Ginger $1.55 (200g) Pasar  NTUC $0.015/slice (2g)
 Heavy Cream  $3.30 (300ml)  Dairy Farmer  NTUC  $2.75/cup (250ml)
Light Soya Sauce $3.60 (640ml)  Tiger NTUC  $0.084/tbsp (15ml)
 Milk  $5.85 (2 litres) Meiji NTUC  $0.731/cup (250ml)
 Milk (evaporated) $1.60 (395g) Marigold NTUC $1.01/cup (250ml)
 Mushroom (white button)  $3.50 (200g) Pasar NTUC $1.75/100g
 Mushroom (swiss brown)  $4.00 (200g) Marigold NTUC $2.00/100g
 Onion (red) $1.45 (700g) Chef NTUC $0.228/onion (110g)
 Onion (yellow) $1.45 (700g) Chef NTUC $0.228/onion (110g)
Oyster Sauce  $3.10 (500ml) Maggi NTUC $0.093/tbsp (15ml)
Parsley (dried) $3.00 (4g) MasterFoods  NTUC $0.375/tsp (0.5g)
Potato (russet) $2.50 (1kg)  NTUC $0.375/potato (150g)
Salt  $0.50 (500g) Pagoda  NTUC $0.085/tbsp (17g)
Sesame oil  $5.80 (650ml) Fairprice  NTUC $0.134/tbsp (15ml)
Sugar $1.55 (1kg) Fairprice  NTUC $0.019/tbsp (12.5g)
 Thyme (dried) $4.50 (10g) Masterfoods  NTUC $0.45/tsp (1.0g)
 Thyme (fresh) $3.30 (30g)  –  NTUC $0.088/tsp (0.8g)
 White pepper (ground)  $3.95 (100g) Fairprice  NTUC $0.273/tbsp (6.9g)