Hello there!

I’m Sheryl, a mid-twenties girl residing in a city often hailed as a “Food Paradise” – Singapore. I love to eat and my favourite time of the day is – as you have probably guessed – meal time! Just three years ago, the only few things I could cook were instant noodles and eggs. I recently developed an interest in cooking and so decided to chronicle my culinary (mis)adventures on this website!

I’m the kind of person who walks into an Italian restaurant and thinks thrice (make that five times) before ordering any pasta dishes because the cost of ingredients and the effort required to whip up a pasta dish dont seem to justify the steep prices. In addition to pasta, the top few dishes on my “avoid ordering” list also include eggs and sandwiches. Those dishes are usually way overpriced! Having said that, while Singapore has one of the highest costs of living and dining out can be quite expensive, there are many affordable eats out there if you’re willing to forgo the ambience. Surprisingly enough, my Japanese friend once lamented that dining out in Singapore is even more expensive than in Japan!

For most of my recipe posts, I aim to calculate the cost price of the final dish. I will also compare the cost price to outside prices to decide if it’s more worthwhile dining in or eating out. I hope to improve on my (amateur) cooking skills as well as food photography & plating skills through this blog. I also hope that you will feel inspired to cook up some dishes at home! Thanks for visiting!